Financial Transparency

We are proud to announce...

“GRASP’s exceptional 4-star rating sets it apart from its peers and demonstrates its trustworthiness to the public,” according to Michael Thatcher, President & CEO of Charity Navigator. “Only a quarter of charities rated by Charity Navigator receive the distinction of our 4-star rating. This adds GRASP to a preeminent group of charities working to overcome our world’s most pressing challenges. Based on its 4-star rating, people can trust that their donations are going to a financially responsible and ethical charity when they decide to support GRASP.” 

GRASP is proudly recognized by the Standards for Excellence Institute® as having met all the requirements of the Standards Basics program.

After completing a thorough independent review, staff at the Standards for Excellence Institute concluded that GRASP complies with the basic principles of the Standards for Excellence code, and awarded Standards Basics recognition as acknowledgement of a well-managed, responsibly governed organization.