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An update from GRASP Advisor Jami Fussell about the advising program at Bath County High School.

Janet Andrews ■ Gail Benjamin ■ Laura Boward ■ Ellen Brown ■ Paula Buckley ■ Kelly Chambers ■ Mary Cunningham ■ Kathy Davis ■ Laurie Deadrick ■ Vera Dixon ■ Wanda FolkJane Francis ■ Jamilyn Fussell ■ Phenie Golatt ■ Barbara Hassett ■ Lisa Herbert ■ Lynne Hess ■ Brenda Jackson ■ Joannalyn Jordan ■ Joyce King ■ Retsy Kitchen ■ Sheba Lane ■ Mary Evans Lott ■ Michelle McQueen ■ Donna Millhouse ■ Sandi Morgan ■ Leeann Neely ■ Karen Norsworthy ■ Robert Norvell ■ Percy Pollard ■ Rebertha Pope-Matthews ■ Paula Powell ■ Howard Price ■ Bonnie ReynoldsMila Spaulding ■ Denise Spears ■ Sue Straughan ■ Susan Teerlink ■ Miriam Tice ■ Renee Vandevander ■ Martha VickJoyce Williams ■ Della Wood ■ Patty Wood ■ Ronda Zukowsky

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GRASP Advisors are adept at navigating the college financial aid system and the processes required to make a post-secondary educational plan a reality. Advisors work without charge to the students and their families primarily through individual in-school meetings. They also present financial aid seminars in libraries and other public forums. Advisors access institutional, federal, state and community resources.  Advisors are typically available one day a week, through high school counseling departments or career centers, to meet with students and their parents or guardians.

Your GRASP Financial Aid Advisor will help you with: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the CSS profilescholarships, and special circumstances to help you make your post-secondary education goals a reality.


* GRASP does not currently offer regular financial aid advising at Harrisonburg High School but does administer the SOAR Virginia® early commitment scholarship program, created and funded by Virginia529 College Savings Plan.