Sandi Morgan

Sandi Morgan is the GRASP Advisor for Clover Hill and Cosby High Schools.

Sandi, a career educator, is a cum laude graduate of Longwood University. Recently retired from Chesterfield County Public Schools, Sandi taught work and family studies in middle schools early in her career, and for the past 11 years, technical communications at Chesterfield Technical Center. As department chairman at Swift Creek Middle School, Sandi wrote and implemented a grant for a class in career skills and planning strategies which became a model for middle school curricula. As a technical communications teacher, Sandi taught communication skills, critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving, as well as life skills to improve student’s job prospects, such as tax filing, handling of credit and workplace ethics. Sandi is enthusiastic about her work at GRASP and continuing to use her teaching experience and communication skills to teach and promote career and education opportunities to students and parents.