Scholarship Search Tips

  • Research as many funding sources as possible!

  • Seniors, check with the colleges or universities to which you are applying. They may have additional requirements beyond the admission application to be considered for scholarships.

  • Attending community college? Most Virginia community colleges let you apply for many scholarships with just one application! Don't wait - many are due in February or March. Find your community college's scholarship page below:

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  • Check with your high school's counseling office for local scholarships. College students, check in your department.

  • Check out our GRASP scholarships and our list of other local, state, and national scholarship programs.

  • Use these recommended search engines to help find reliable scholarship applications:

  • Check with your parents/guardians and other family members. Many companies offer scholarships solely to the children or relatives of employees.

  • If you are headed for a specific field of study, look at the leaders in that field or industry (for example, a pre-nursing or pre-med student should check websites for drug manufacturers or companies that do medical research).

  • Look at local organizations and groups such as churches and recreational centers.